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Custom Software Development
We help businesses with software solutions
to sell products or manage their operations.

Our Services

Productivity Apps

  • Use our powerful Apps to manage projects and tasks
  • Learn about Agile and productivity with our publishing division
  • We provide SaaS, Software as a Service to businesses including digital agencies, consulting and engineering firms, etc.

Custom Software

  • We create custom, 4D database focused, software for businesses
  • As a digital agency we also provide marketing and selling tools like electronic catalogs, embedded web sites, etc.
  • These include objects configurators using artificial intelligence and product databases, textures and pricing

Productivity Apps




Events, Venue and Project management
Use Tinilo to track events, assets, expenses for multiple fast paced events.

Tinilo is ideal for Event Planners, Catering businesses. It works beautifully for freelancers and other small teams tracking projects with very clear deadlines.




Agile Lean Project Management
Use Kinalta to follow up and monitor multiple fast paced projects.

Lean projects focus on work in progress, and operations flow instead of fixed dates.




We offer online interactive study guides and quizzes. Sam9000 published books related to productivity and Agile projects.

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